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About World of Tanks

Our Military Simulator (Mil-Sim) Guild offers a realistic, professional and enjoyable unit for World of Tanks players to join and explore the United States Armed Forces Regiment in action. USAFC participates in a variety of Strongholds, Clan Wars and Wargames.

Stronghold Battles

The United States Armed Forces Clan participates in Strongholds at Tier 6. During Strongholds, players take their tanks (Cromwell, Cromwell B, Type 64, T-34-85M, T-34-85, TOG II, KV-2, O-I) or any other tanks and ready up for a battle that lasts 10 minutes. A Field Commander will instruct each tank commander to their position as well as give formation and further strategic information for the battle. World of Tanks Players will receive more credits and experience in strongholds by participating and achieving higher ranks in the unit.

Strongholds Times: 18:00 BST+0 & 14:00 BST+0

Global Wars

The United States Armed Forces Clan participates in the fight for world domination on the Global Map against other clans in the competitive field for gold, bonds and, tank rewards. Most Clan Wars Seasons are held at Tier X in the 15v15 form. Any player who has a competitive Tier X including Reward & Collector tanks will be eligible to dominate the battlefield with the United States Armed Forces.

Clan Wars Times: 18:00 BST+0

Current Achievements:

During Season 1 of Clan Wars, USAFC obtained 4 provinces and received 10,000 Gold and 10 IS-5 Tanks.

Our Chain of Command:

The United States Armed Forces Chain of Command is:

Colonel Ranger J. Dallas.
Lieutenant Colonel Vacant V.

Company Tank Commander Tedi
Company Field Commander Jordy T.
Company Field Commander Matrix S.
Company Field Commander Fyty P.

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