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About Prison Tech
Maybe you need to have a friend that you can stab in their back or become a guard and fight the inmates for fun. PrisonTech is a new game mode at Minecraft Central for Java Edition where the players are imprisoned in a high-security prison and must complete objectives and, conduct hard labour like farming and, mining to receive c-bucks and advance to other levels of the prison. Maybe you need to have a friend to watch your back.

Prison Blocks

In PrisonTech there are four types of prison blocks consisting of Prison Blocks, Premium Blocks, Collector Blocks and, Season Blocks with each block being obtained differently. Among the regular prison blocks player(s) will be able to obtain collectors blocks by completing quests or purchasing them either for c-bucks or gold in the in-game store.

Prison Quests

PrisonTech has a variety of quests available for player(s) to complete. PrisonTech offers Season Quests, Rank up Quests, Daily Quests, Server Quests for players to accomplish to attain a variety of premium and exclusive rewards regularly.

Prison Rank up

Ranking up in PrisonTech has been altered to reduce economy inflation and reduce c-bucks spamming. Now player(s) must achieve reputation with each prison block warden by completing all rank-up quests prior to ranking up to the next prison block.

Prison Blackmarket

Among the Prison Stores, Server Stores and Secret Shops player(s) are also able to create a black market store in PrisonTech to trade any and all items illegally with each other with no costs or fees.

Prison Extra Features

Prison Tech has, even more, features available for all players and further updates are published regularly by your Network Development Team.

  • Prison Guards.
  • Prison Crates.
  • Prison Arena.
  • Prison Drugs.
  • Prison Underground Prison.
  • Prison Cells.
  • Prison Contributor Stores.
  • Prison Secret Stores
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