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Tale Legends of Pirate Destin

Any Player from 6th of May 2019 to June 7th 2019 will be able to achieve a total of $620,000 in-game currency... more »


FiveRP Open Beta

FiveRP Beta Release... more »


New Site available

With Good News Comes Great Change. Site Shines bright and dims throughout the hide in the golden state... more »


Monthly Donation Goal Reached.

Our Donation Goal for March 2019 has been achieved reaching a total of $50.00 Dollars towards Community Development and Project Management...

more »


About Central Gaming Network

Central Gaming Network also known as Central Gaming Community is a multinational gaming hub for various multiplayer games and specifically Role-Playing Games. Central Gaming Community ensures that all Public Servers are total quality and maintained properly, giving the best performance, low latency, and accessibility to all servers all the time.

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