FiveRP Tale Legends of Pirate Destin

  • May 5, 2019
  • By Community Development Team

Starting On 5th of May 2019, FiveRP is bound to have surprises and fun all around. This is just the beginning. Any Player from 6th of May 2019 to June 7th 2019 will be able to achieve a total of $620,000 in-game currency plus antic firearms that are only limited to Special Events.

You are able to purchase the voyage at the Store Event. The Voyage you need to buy is called "Tale Legends of Pirate Destin". Once you have bought the voyage you can start exploring the tale of a Pirate @DestinSam who travelled to San Andreas but got lost in the thriving seas and crashed into the horizon. Find The Legends Treasure and uncover the tales of his disaster.

Other Rewards:

    Once you've completed Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and, Final Chapter, you can additionally obtain the rewards below by messaging FiveRP Staff on the discord.

  • A Forum Title "Explorer Of Tales"
  • A Forum Award "Explorer Of Tales"

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Enjoy the Discounts,
¬ Community Administration Team